white desert (mushroom and chicken)
For sure the White Desert is the most famous touristic spot in our area (Farafra Oasis) but not so many people know that it is actually much much bigger than just the Mushroom & Chicken area which is lots of people visit and they think it is the whole White Desert but in actual fact, this is just a small part like 5% of the total White Desert area.

Unfortunately, so many people arrive in this famous Mushroom Chicken area and very easy and short way think that the White Desert can go by 4×4 and a normal car. But if you really like to explore the desert and really want to see how big is the White Desert is (for dessert lovers), you should visit with someone with long experience (many years of experience) and know many places in that area which you cannot cover it in one night. And I would like to mention that the surrounding desert did not just lay around on the beauty of White Desert but there are many more beautiful amazing desert sites surrounding the area of White Desert to be explored.

or not less the beauty of White Desert.

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