Desert Safari Egypt

Watch The Stars Like Never Before

The best what you can see on our western desert tours is watching the stars around the campfire. It’s very different than any other place and I recommend the long programs traveling deeper into the desert to be far away from any light.

About us

Hamada Omer

I and my family team are from Bahariya Oasis, one of the 5 oasis in Egypt and the closest to Cairo about 350km by car. We arrange tours to the western desert part of Egypt with our traditional Bedouin style and our tours can be by 4×4 vehicle, camels, trekking to Bahariya Oasis, Siwa Oasis, Black Desert, Crystal Mountain, White Desert, Djara Cave, Great Sand Sea Caraween Dunes, Magic Spring, and other attraction places.

We do exclusive programs for those who want to spend a longer time in the desert to explore the beauty of our western desert nature and feel the difference. We also organize special program for stargazing, professional photography tours & meditation program.


Desert Safari Tour

In our desert safari tour, we have to explain many things to whom never travel before to the Egypt Desert. First of all, long experience of the team is very important to have a safe and comfortable desert holiday, and also to see the real desert of Egypt.

The more nights you can spend is the best because the more places you can see and more adventure you can explore further into the desert. We ensure to make each trip unique for people who seeking to adventure deeper into the desert with us. If you are one who loves nature, camping does not need to be a fancy staying.

The best time to travel is through October to May because our summer is very hot to do any trekking activities (very important tips). Be sure you know the difference among the desert safari programs when doing selection of which tour agency you are traveling with.

Travelling Tips


Approx. 370km from Cairo which take 4+ hours by car.

We arrange only private group for all our guest.

Travel light and important items to have with you are sunscreen, sunglass, wind breaker/warm cloth, swimwear, headlight/torch.

Everyone can join. We will arrange places kids and elderly friendly place where whole family can have enjoyable family vacation time together in the beautiful desert safari tour with us.Safety is our number-one priority.

We arrange private transfers from and back to any place in Cairo.


Our Ecolodge
“Omar Desert Camp”

In the Bahariya Oasis far from any cities, we built an ecolodge,  ‘Omar Desert Camp’  especially for our guest.

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