Bahariya oasis

Bahariya oasis

Looking for a quick glimpse of desert or oasis experience? This option is for you. Nearest desert oasis from Cairo if time is a limiting factor. Bahariya Oasis is the biggest oasis in western desert of Egypt.


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⦁ You can do a day tour visit to experience the local Bedouin traditional desert village.

⦁ Tour starts early from Cairo at 7am to the Oasis of Bahariya which takes approximately 4 hours drive.

⦁ Enjoy your midday arrival with lunch by the garden surrounded by palm trees and hot spring.

⦁ After lunch, we will bring you explore interesting site of Bahariya Oasis which including salt lake, have fun on sand dunes, and visiting the old oasis, Elmiftila where you can see experience yourself seeing how Bedouin family (nomads) daily way of life there.

⦁ Winding down your day by capturing the greatest peaceful, quiet moment watching sunset at the peak of English Mountain. Here you will see most part of Bahariya Oasis, El Bawiti, the capital city of Bahariya Oasis.

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