8 Days 7 Nights

Day 1:  Depart early in the morning for El Fayoum.  Visit El Fayoum and enjoy the lake and the fishermen bustling about on their colored boats.  Visit Wadi El Rayan, the Qroun Lake, the waterfalls, the site of the Wadi El Hitan, and the Desert of Whales.  Have lunch, then visit the beautiful open-air museum in the national park classified in the world heritage by Unesco.  You can also see many kinds of marine fossils.  Set up Bedouin camp for the night and enjoy dinner around the campfire.

Day 2:  Depart early in the morning for the Oasis of Bahariya.  Have lunch in the village.  Travel in 4×4 to see the Oasis of Bahariya, the salt lake, the Source (hot spring), Pryamid Mountain, and English Mountain.  Spend the night at a hotel. 

Day 3:  After breakfast, travel in 4×4 to see the Black Desert, Crystal Mountain, and the site of El Agabat.  Have lunch.  In the afternoon, we will visit Small Valley, Big Valley, Watermelon Valley, and Abu Hennis Valley.  Set up campsite for the night and sleep under the stars.

Day 4:  After breakfast, we will head towards the magnificent White Desert by way of Magic Springs.  Have lunch and visit Ain Khadra and the Old White Desert.  Arrive at White Desert for sunset and camping around the fire.

Day 5:  After breakfast, travel by 4×4 to visit the Oasis of Farafra.  Have lunch.  In the afternoon, go to Oasis of Dakhla, also visiting El-Qasr (the small village in the oasis of Dakhla).  Set up Bedouin campsite for the night. 

Day 6:  After breakfast, visit El Mzwaka tombs.  Eat lunch, then visit the site of Dar el Haggar.  Enjoy dinner and sleep under the stars. 

Day 7:  After breakfast, journey to the Oasis of Kharga by way of Um el Dabadib (only accessible in 4×4).  Eat lunch, then visit the site of hebes monuments and the tombs of Bagawat.  Spend the night in a hotel.

Day 8:  After breakfast, we will accompany you to your minibus, which will drive you to Luxor.  (It will take 4-5 hours to reach Luxor.)

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